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Cave crickets may not chirp like regular crickets, but it doesn’t mean they won’t become a nuisance. Don’t let cave crickets turn your basement or crawl space into a mating site. You deserve to live in a pest free home. Call PermaKill Exterminating for professional help.
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Reclaiming Your Crawlspace, Attic, And Everything In Between

Save your carpet, wood, and furniture from the silent menace that is cave crickets. End the infestation and live with peace of mind. 

Having a cricket at home is bad, but having a jumping cricket that looks like a spider is much worse. As if their eerie appearance isn’t disturbing enough, there are other real reasons why you should never let cave crickets hang around the house.

Cave cricket eating

Some infestations are threatening because they can be detrimental to our health, others will be more damaging to your home than anything else. While cave crickets, also known as spider crickets due to its many legs, may not turn to you for food, it will not have any problem treating your furniture as its favorite snack. 

Although they don’t have fangs that sting or harm humans, they have mandibles that can eat and bite through any piece of furniture they set their sights on. Expect to see worn down carpet, wood, and cloth if you leave an infestation unchecked.

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At (973) 587-6414, or schedule an appointment on our website. Tell us about your cave cricket problem.

We Inspect

Once the appointment is made, we come to your home to evaluate the situation, explain our findings and offer a solution.

We Exterminate

Inspection and cave cricket control can occur on the same day. We use techniques that will not harm your home and health and will quickly fix your cave cricket problem.

Cave Crickets 101: Understand everything about your silent basement dwellers

The Basics

Cave crickets (also known as Spider Crickets)  dwell in damp areas and are attracted to dark, humid parts of the home such as the basement, garage, and crawlspace. Cave crickets are also called camel crickets due to the visible hump on their back. Camel crickets also tend to gravitate towards exposed pipes and congregate around air conditioner units.

A single spider cricket is already one too many. This species of cricket has a tendency to gather in large numbers. One camel cricket can easily invite others to breed in your home. Moreover, they can call in other species, particularly the noisy kind, to hang out in basements. 

Fertile females ready to lay eggs will have no problem finding a dark, damp corner in your home to lay hundreds of eggs in. Leaving them alone to die is not an option. Cave crickets can survive through the winter and live in a damp basement even without any food to eat. This pest is known to survive with little to no food resources. 

Cave crickets - understanding everything about them
Cave cricket laying on the wall.

How Cave Crickets Ruin Your Home

Because these crickets do nothing but hide in your basement or attic without a peep, most people make the mistake of letting these pests co-exist with them.

The fact that they jump 3 feet thanks to their large legs and possess uncanny spider-like legs aren’t the only reasons why you should hire a pest control service. At the end of the day, these silent menaces are still invasive pests that have no place in homes. Crickets attract mice and mice attract snakes. The circle of pest invaders is crickets, mice,  and snakes.

First, they will seek shelter by occupying basements, garages, or crawl spaces, but sooner or later you’ll find one inside your home. As they seek refuge indoors, you are bound to find them in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room as they tend to prefer cool, moist areas inside your house.

It’s only a matter of time before you find pieces of clothing, furnishing, and other home items with chewed holes. They can worsen gaps and cracks in the structure of your home, which could invite other kinds of insects to invade your space.

Signs of Swarm Infestation

  • Fecal smears on wood and other surfaces in your home
  • Unexplained damage to clothing and other objects in your home
  • Chewed wood and minor damages to wood and cardboard
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How Cave Cricket Control Works

PermaKill Exterminating begins with a thorough search of your home. Once we have confirmed a spider cricket infestation, we will proceed with the treatment. We perform an integrated pest control service, which means we employ both chemical and non-chemical options for cricket control.

In order to prevent future infestations from happening, we seek ways to promote better airflow to eliminate excess moisture. We suggest dehumidifiers that can help dissuade them from sticking around by making the air less damp.

Why Choose Permakill Exterminating?

PermaKill Exterminating is the cave cricket NJ specialist homeowners have been going to for over 30 years. We understand the behavior of cave crickets and have the necessary equipment and training to deal with an infestation completely.
Our mission is to control the problem quickly. More often than not, cave crickets linger in a damp garage or in woodpiles around your yard or neighbors, before making their way inside your house. We assess the state of your yard and find any conditions that may be conducive to the breeding and collection of these pests. While the yard itself cannot be effectively treated for these pests, we can guide you in proper yard maintenance to prevent attracting these pets in the coming seasons.

Spider Cricket Control FAQ

What should I expect during the inspection?

After confirming an appointment with us, we will visit your home and perform a site visit. We will look in common infestation sites to locate the nest. We can begin treatments on the day of the visit to make your home pest-free right away.

What is the best way to prevent camel cricket infestation in the first place?

Camel crickets thrive in dark, moist, and cool environments. We recommend using a dehumidifier in your basement to reduce moisture. Sealing and caulking your home is another great way to keep cave crickets at bay

Will cave crickets come back after they have been removed?

Unlike bees, wasps, and hornets, this pest can return to your home every year and treat your yard as its nest. At PermaKill Exterminating, we help you seal your home to ensure no crickets find their way into your space. Keeping your shed dry and well lit can also deter these insects.

Do you have services that will remove other kinds of home intruders?

The cave cricket isn’t the only pest we deal with. PermaKill Exterminating is a New Jersey removal specialist for all kids of insects, vermins, and rodents. We offer pest control services year-round and will be more than happy to help you clear your property of undesirables.
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