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I See a Spider, Where Could They Be Hiding?

Updated on: October 1, 2019

You’ve noticed a spider crawling on your walls; could there be more spiders inside your house? That’s what most homeowners struggle to understand. Spiders are creepy, and some species could be harmful due to their bite. With over 4,000 species of spiders in the U.S., it can be tricky knowing what type of spider you may have in your home.

New Jersey has 39 of these species. These spiders inhabit sheds, homes, and the surrounding areas. Although spiders do not pose any life-threatening problem to humans, some arachnids have a venomous bite.

Below is a look at the common types of spiders in Northern New Jersey. We also look at some places spiders hide.

Types of Spiders in Northern New Jersey

Some of the common spiders you may find in New Jersey include:

Common House Spiders

These spiders prefer weaving webs inside a house and the exterior areas like wood piles and garages. The American house spider rarely bites when threatened. They measure a quarter of an inch and have a dappled pattern of different shades.

Bold Jumper

The bold jumper is a common spider species in the U.S. These spiders like to jump and have a beautiful patch on their abdomen.

Sac Spider

The sac spider is long-legged and lives indoors. You may come across them at night as they look for food. Although it’s non-poisonous, it’s aggressive and notorious for biting. It has a pale yellow color and its quarter of an inch.

Carolina Wolf Spider

These spider species is active in the evening and keeps a low profile during the day. It’s a larger species compared to other spider species.

Hiding Places for Spiders in Your House

Spiders build tangled, irregular webs to capture their prey. You can find these webs on your fixtures like wall décor or lighting. The webs can also be in ceiling corners. Spiders can also be inside barns, sheds, and outdoor lights.

Other places you may spot spiders include:

Under the Kitchen or Bathroom Sink

Spiders require water to survive; you’ll find them near your plumbing. They love the under-sink areas, as these places are dark and not easy to spot them.

Under Furniture

Spiders may hide in one place during the day, and hide in another at night. Most of them love hiding underneath the furniture, and you may need to vacuum these areas to get rid of them.

Storage Areas

Another place spiders love to hide is in storage areas like the garage, basement, or attic. They may also hide in crawl spaces, stairwells, and closets. Spiders thrive in clutter, and hoes that have piles of clutter are their favorite hideout spots.

Under Woodpiles and Rocks

Dangerous spider species like to hide under piles of wood in the yard or under rocks. They can be on piles of debris from your yard and may crawl their way into your house.

Inside the Vegetation

Spiders love plants, shrubs, and bushes, whether they are inside or outside the house. You may have to deal with many spiders if you have a lot of vegetation around your home. It’s essential to trim the bushes and shrubs to prevent a spider infestation.

Door Frames

Spiders love to hang around door frames. It’s easy to spot one on your doors.

If you’ve noticed one spider in the mentioned places above, you may be surprised to learn that this could indicate the presence of more spiders in your house. That’s why it’s essential to call in spider control professionals to prevent infestation.

Although some spiders are not harmful, some poisonous species can cause severe damage. What’s more, a spider infestation could be a nuisance, especially for people who have arachnophobia.

If you’re dealing with some of the above spiders in Northern New Jersey, you may need to call the experts in spider control. We have an experienced team who know where the webs are and use the right methods to remove the spiders.


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