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How to Get Rid of Pharaoh Ants in the Apartment

Updated on: March 31, 2021

Most Americans, whether homeowners or renters, have already had a run-in with ants in their homes at least once. These tiny pests are quick when it comes to sneaking their way in. And once they do, trying to get rid of them is a really difficult task.

So what are the best ways to eliminate the pharaoh ants in the apartment? After searching the apartment for signs of pharaoh ants, it’s important to keep the house clean and seal the cracks around the apartment. Applying natural repellents, baits, and pesticides also keeps these pests out. For severe ant infestations, it’s better to leave the issue at the hands of a pest management professional.

5 Ways to Keep Pharaoh Ants Out of the Apartment

It’s common to see the occasional ant or two in the apartment, but a sudden ant invasion is a whole different issue. According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), around 82% of the ant infestations in the United States happen at apartments and condominiums.

While they’re mostly considered nuisance pests, it’s still important to get rid of the ants inside the apartment before they cause more problems and damages. The ant infestations in different properties all over the country are rising each year, which is why renters, landlords, and homeowners are advised to implement different preventative measures. Here are a few effective tips to the apartment ant-free:

1. Inspect the House for Signs of Pharaoh Ants

Before busting out the ant bait or pesticide, it’s important to identify if the ants in the apartment are pharaoh ants (Monomorium pharaonis) and not another species. These tiny creatures are around 1/16 inch with yellow to reddish-brown bodies. Their abdomens are usually dark-colored. Worker pharaoh ants give off a urine-like smell when they’re crushed.

Once you get familiar with how pharaoh ants look, search around the apartment for foraging trails of these pests. They usually lead to cracks and crevices where ant nests and colonies might be. Bait them using sugar or other sweet food and wait for them to show up after a few moments.

2. Keep the House Clean

Like other pests, pharaoh ants won’t waste their time in an apartment that doesn’t have food for them. It’s crucial to keep the area as spotless as possible to prevent attracting these insects – it only takes a few hours for these pesky creatures to show up once there are sweets or crumbs left uncovered in the kitchen.

This means that renters need to be extra careful about their mess when preparing or eating food. Vacuum the floors and wipe down all the sticky and grimy surfaces. Don’t forget to wipe the cap of honey or other syrup after using them. Lastly, avoid leaving dirty dishes on the sink for too long.

3. Use Natural Home Remedies

Many people try natural home remedies at home to get rid of different pests in their place first before calling a professional exterminator. If you’re against using harmful chemicals in the apartment, here are a few natural repellents to keep pharaoh ants for some time:

  • Lemon Juice – As much as they’re great for cooking, lemons are also useful for deterring ants. Squeeze some of the citruses into a bottle and spray it into the cracks where the insects might be passing through. The acid messes with their ability to track food, effectively driving them away from the kitchen. Don’t forget to close the wall cracks with caulk.
  • Cinnamon Oil – Dip a Q-tip into a bottle of concentrated cinnamon oil and rub it on the surfaces near the ants’ entry points. The strong scent is enough to keep them from entering the house.
  • Peppermint Oil – Add 15 to 20 drops of peppermint oil into a half cup of water. Spray the mixture around the areas where there have been trails of pharaoh ants. Repeat this every few days until there are no more ants around the apartment.
  • Chalk – Chalk lines around door and window frames are enough to disrupt the ants’ senses. It’s usually used along with other deterrents, such as peppermint oil and lemon juice.

While they’re effective for keeping the pharaoh ants away for some time, natural home remedies only do so much when it comes to solving infestations. For severe cases of ant infestations in the apartment, it’s better to use pesticides or call a professional exterminator.

4. Use Baits and Pesticides

Ant baits are two of the most effective ways to eliminate the pharaoh ants in the apartment. Most of them are store-bought, but always remember to read and follow the product label carefully. These repellents are made with harsh chemicals that might be harmful to humans and pets if mishandled.

  • Ant Baits – The best baits for pharaoh ants are sweet and high-protein food. There are store-bought gel and liquid baits that ensure quick death for the worker ants. Make sure that the baits are placed in strategic areas to kill more of the pharaoh ants.
  • Pesticides – This method is only recommended for situations that require immediate control of the pests. While they’re effective for killing the worker ants on the spot, it’s not enough to wipe out entire colonies.

5. Seal up the Cracks Around the Apartment

Pharaoh ants take advantage of the small cracks and crevices on the walls of the apartment. They also enter through the gaps in the door and window frames. To keep them from coming in, it’s crucial to inspect every area of the apartment for possible entry points.

After finding the cracks around the apartment, seal them up using cement or caulk. It also helps to keep the windows and doors closed. Installing door sweepers also make it harder for pharaoh ants to just walk in through the door gap.

Eliminate Pharaoh Ants with PermaKill Exterminating

Pharaoh ants are some of the most difficult species of ants to control because they tend to separate from others and start a new colony. Pesticides and ant bait only manage to kill a small part of the colony, which is why it’s better to trust pest management professionals like PermaKill Exterminating to get rid of the pests for good.

Experience excellent pest control services by PermaKill Exterminating now. We offer one-time and seasonal plans to keep the pharaoh ants out of the apartments, lawns, households, and entire buildings. Give us a call at (973) 584 – 6414 for a free estimate. 

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