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Squirrel Removal

Cute when in the trees, but not-so-cute when in your attic. Squirrels aren’t the first type of rodent you would expect to make a problem, but once you have a squirrel situation in or around your home, making it go away requires the help of pest control professionals.
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Put an End to the Unwanted Scurrying and Scuttering In Your Home

These seemingly harmless critters can cause devastation to your home and your family’s health if left unchecked. Remove your squirrels properly with pest control experts, PermaKill Exterminating.

Squirrels can seem innocent and friendly when you see them in the park or in your yard, so you might think it’s not a big deal when you start hearing scurrying and scuttering coming from your attic, walls, and/or crawlspace.

But just a few weeks into a squirrel infestation can show any homeowner just how dangerous these rodents can be. It starts off with waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of squirrels around your home, but the situation can quickly evolve into something much worse.

Chewed wires, torn insulation, gnawed entrance holes around your eaves; and that’s just the physical impact of squirrels on your home. They also spread a number of diseases, including salmonellosis, leptospirosis, tick-borne illnesses, causing everything from fevers to nerve pain to rashes and more.

Don’t be fooled: just because squirrels might be cute outside doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to let them take winter refuge in your home. Call pest control professionals at PermaKill Exterminating right away – and find out if you’ve got a squirrel problem and how to get rid of it.

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At (973) 587-6414, or schedule an appointment on our website. Tell us about your squirrel problem.

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Once the appointment is made, we come to your home to evaluate the situation, explain our findings and offer a solution.

We Exterminate

Inspection and squirrel control can occur on the same day. We use techniques that will not harm your home and health and will quickly fix your squirrel problem.

Squirrels 101: Understand the truth behind this unexpected menace.

The Basics

Unlike other wildlife in the northeast, squirrels typically don’t hibernate. Only ground squirrels hibernate through the winter, meaning tree squirrels and flying squirrels are forced to prepare for winter survival by building nests and storing food.

One place they love building winter nests is in the attics and walls of houses, because of the warmth, available resources, and the protection from the elements. They are also attracted to any bird feeder that might be in your garden.

This makes some homeowners feel guilty about removing them, but you shouldn’t worry – tree-dwelling squirrels such as the eastern gray squirrel or the red squirrel can keep themselves warm by building nests or dens in tree trunks and branches.

Why Squirrels Are a Problem

Some homeowners might think that they should just let the squirrels camp every winter to help them survive it, but this can be dangerous for your home and your family. Aside from the torn insulation, which often lead to blocked vents and reduced home air flow (thus causing mildew and mold), the chewed wires also become fire hazards.

And then there’s the disease. Squirrels don’t necessarily have to bite you to cause harm to your health. Some of their diseases can be spread by inhaling air contaminated with the toxins released from their urine or feces.

The longer they live in your home, the more build-up there is of these toxins. And if they die in your walls, the smell of their rotting corpses can stay in your house for years. This is why it is crucial to call NJ pest control or animal control services immediately.

Finally, they can be a huge danger to your pets. The fleas that squirrels typically carry can spread around your home, and latch onto your dogs and cats as new hosts. The ticks and mites they carry can also lead to humans getting Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, encephalitis, and more.

Animal Control Outside of Winter

Pests like squirrels can be a year-round problem, especially if they’re not dealt with in the winter. Baby squirrels are often born in January, and if they are born inside a house, they will continue to see that house as their home throughout the year.
Whether it’s a gray squirrel infestation in your residence or any other kind of squirrel, it’s crucial that you have them removed as soon as possible. And remember: it can be difficult to prevent them from coming into your home when they really want to. Open chimneys and vulnerable eaves are easy points of access into your home for squirrels.
One way you can prevent a squirrel infestation is by cutting any tree branches that are overlapping or near your roof, to stop them from crawling around the top of your home.

Signs of Squirrels Infestation

  • Foul, unusual odors around the home, caused by squirrel urine or dead squirrels.
  • Ruffled or destroyed patches of insulation in your attic or walls, mixed with leaves and sticks.
  • Acorn deposits around your roof, attic, and gutters.
  • Unusual scuttering noises in your walls and roof, especially in the early morning and late afternoon.
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How Squirrel Removal Works

PermaKill Exterminating is a professional exterminator that has a pest control team and a number of methods to approach squirrel removal. The removal method we use depends on the situation of the squirrel infestation in your home.

Typically, pest control for squirrels involves trapping and exterminating or relocating the squirrels so that they will no longer be a presence in your residence and garden. It is also possible to use specially-designed animal control squirrel repellent for your home and garden, as well as lighting equipment that will visually repel the squirrel infestation.

The PermaKill Warranty Guarantee

Pest control for squirrel removal can be a difficult process, as their tendency to hide in attics, walls, chimneys, and crawl spaces makes it hard to say if all the squirrels have been trapped and removed in a single treatment.

This is why PermaKill Exterminating offers an animal control warranty for homeowners that lasts for up to 90 days after the treatment (if done in the spring or summer), or until the end of March (if done during the fall or winter).

Squirrel Removal FAQ

How much does it cost to remove squirrels from an attic?

The cost of squirrel removal from an attic will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of the attic, whether the infestation has spread to inside your walls, and the level of the infestation. For the best answer, contact our team and let us come over for a thorough inspection.

Can pest control get rid of squirrels?

Yes, PermaKill Exterminating can get rid of all types of squirrels from your home and garden, from the notorious gray squirrel to the nocturnal flying variety.

As the top company for squirrel removal NJ can offer, we are proud to say that our pest control and animal control removal services offer the complete removal package.

How do I get rid of squirrels in my gutters?

For DIY methods, the best thing you can do is make your gutter and garden an unattractive home for squirrels, meaning no easy access and no easy places for nesting.

This means cleaning your gutters, installing gutter toppers, and trimming any tree branches that might be near your gutters. You also want to remove easy access to any bird feeders in your garden

Can you also remove other kinds of rodents?

Yes. PermaKill Exterminating as a NJ company performs all kinds of rodent control removal services for NJ homes, with both wildlife removal and animal removal. Common pests include mice, rats, and more.
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