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Sarah spear
Sarah spear
15:46 26 Mar 20
This company is great, but Jonathan Swomley is providing exceptional customer service. He literally trapped a rodent while he was doing a weekly inspection at a business. Can’t think him and PermaKill enough.
Vera McAvoy
Vera McAvoy
17:31 12 Mar 20
I highly recommend PermaKill having used them for 27 years and referring my real estate clients to them. John diPalma, our technician is doing a great job keeping our old farmhouse pest free. I appreciate his follow-through not only treating for pests but finding and sealing their points of entry. Thanks John, Cindy, and PermaKill!
Patrick Sliver
Patrick Sliver
19:08 13 Feb 20
What a great company! Just recently move to the area from the Midwest and called 5 different pest control companies. Of the 3 that showed up when expected, PermaKill is the only one that treated us as people and not just someone to write a check. They both came in and looked around the house for about 10 minutes before giving me a price for an annual contract. David from PermaKill came in and walked throughout the house and property for about 45 minutes explaining to me the entire process. Then we sat down at the dining room table and came up with a custom annual plan. It was a complete 180° from the way other companies operated. After I signed the contract, David got right to work! The other companies said I would have to call their offices to set up an appointment for the treatment. This clearly tells me that PermaKill doesn’t have salespeople, they have techs! Techs that know their stuff!! David even had a treat for our dog!!
K. Q. Duane
K. Q. Duane
19:55 20 Jan 20
The technicians are reliable, knowledgeable and personable.
James D'Angelo
James D'Angelo
20:46 18 Dec 19
Very pleased with the service provided by Frank and the PermaKill team. We have relied on them for years and they have removed hard to get to bee’s nests and other pests quickly. Trust the professionals at PermaKill to do the job right the first time!
Monica Oliver
Monica Oliver
13:33 13 Jul 19
Have used PermaKill for years...excellent service and results. Qualified and diligent technicians. Huge thanks to Jonathan and John for taking on nasty hornet nests in high, hard-to-reach places.
General Volunteer
General Volunteer
00:43 20 Jun 19
Got 'em !! We had some unwelcome visitors then heard a ruckus in the walls. Sure enough, the PermaKill team came immediately, knew, conquered, and now the uninvited Carpenter Nest is Perma-gone. No sign of leftovers or returning pests. The team was so gracious and skillful. Many thanks for peace of mind and returned sense of comfort.
B Fletch
B Fletch
21:07 14 Jun 19
If you want to get the job done , this is the place Look no further! If I see a activity of hornets ,bees , wasp they come out the same day 99 % of the time . They actually look for the Nest and if your not home they call you , I had sent them a picture of where I saw activity and they really looked and they didn’t just leave and say they didn’t see it . They actually did their job !Great service , reliable, very professional .

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