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Types of Rodents That Are Common in New Jersey

Updated on: January 1, 2019

Rodents commonly enter homes during the winter time, which is why it is important to know what you are up against this time of year. If you live in New Jersey, there are a few different types of rats and mice that you may encounter. Here is a list of the most common rodents in New Jersey:

House Mice

This small grey or brown mouse with a lighter colored belly is the most common in New Jersey. These mice can live outdoors, but they prefer to live indoors and close to their nests. They carry disease and contaminate food supplies and prep areas with droppings, making them a danger in your home. Physical characteristics: grey or brown fur, small eyes, large ears with light hair, long nearly-hairless tail.

White-Footed Mice

This mouse has light brown fur and distinctly white feet. It mostly lives in marshy, wooded areas outdoors, but will forage indoors for bird seed and other food during the winter. It can carry deer ticks and disease, so it is not to be taken lightly if you see one in your home. Physical characteristics: light brown fur, white belly and feet, large eyes and ears, narrow tail.

Deer Mice

Also known as the “Field Mouse”, it is brown with a white belly. This mouse tends to live in grassy, prairie like areas. They don’t tend to invade homes, but they may if their habitat is disrupted by human activity. The Deer Mouse can carry deer ticks and disease. Physical characteristics: brown fur, white belly and feet, large eyes and ears, a bi-colored tail.

Black Rats

Also known as “Roof Rats” and “Ship Rats”. These rats have black fur and lighter colored bellies. They are great climbers, and have found their way to NJ on ships docking on the coast. They can consume a large quantity of food and can contaminate the household and food stores quickly. They carry lots of disease and should be considered dangerous. Physical characteristics: black fur, lighter colored bellies, large ears and eyes, super long and scaly tail.

Norway Rats

The most common rat in the US, these rats are brown or grey with a white belly. They live in large colonies in underground tunnels. These rats carry lots of disease as well as fleas, so they should not be taken lightly if seen in a home. Physical characteristics: Grey or brown fur, white belly, hairless tail about the length of the body, small ears, blunt nose.

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