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Harmless dark butterflies, or dangerous, costly pests? Moths are one of the most common insect infestations that homeowners encounter. Learn why you need to get rid of your moth problem today.
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Get Rid of Those Swarming Critters Infesting Your Home

Many families underestimate the dangers of a few moths lurking about in the dark places of their home. Don’t make the mistake that might cost you thousands in torn fabric, spoiled food, and sleepless nights.

Don’t let the butterfly-like shape fool you: moths are a menace, and letting them roam free in your home is a disaster waiting to happen. Whether you have clothes moths or pantry moths, a moth infestation is never good for your home.

A moth in New Jersey

Moths might not sting or bite, but that doesn’t make them any less of a problem than they actually are. Chewed moth holes in your sweaters and socks; nasty wriggling larvae in your pantry and unsealed boxes – do you need more signs that it’s time to do something about the moths in your home?

Moths can infest your home at any time – everything from pantry goods to wool clothes can attract a moth, and with just a month-long life cycle for most moth species, it just takes days for a few moths to turn into a complete home swarm, causing serious damage to your clothes, fabric, and food supply.

Your home should be a place where you can relax, without the worry of picking out a cashmere sweater riddled with holes, or reaching into your cabinets just to feel larvae and caterpillar scuttling about.

Whether you’re sure of your situation or just starting to suspect it, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call our team of pest control professionals at PermaKill Exterminating and start dealing with your moth problem today.

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At (973) 587-6414, or schedule an appointment on our website. Tell us about your moth problem.

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Once the appointment is made, we come to your home to evaluate the situation, explain our findings and offer a solution.

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Inspection and moth control can occur on the same day. We use techniques that will not harm your home and health and will quickly fix your moth problem.
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Moths 101: Get to know what makes these light-loving bugs tick.

The Basics

Although there are many species of moths, homeowners generally have to deal with two types: clothes moths and pantry moths. Many different household items can attract moths; namely, items where they can lay eggs or use as a source of food.

Items that commonly attract pantry moths include chocolate, spices, flours, nuts, grains, and other dry goods, which is why moths can usually be found in kitchen pantries. Clothes adult moths are known for being drawn to animal-based materials, such as leather upholstery and wool and silk clothing. The natural fibers are used for both shelter and nutrition.

Moths also find their way into the home by clinging onto items brought into the house. Unsealed containers and clothing that have been left unattended outside might have eggs or larvae hiding within them, leading to an infestation in no time at all.

Why Moths are a Huge Problem

Some homeowners might ignore one or two moths here and there in their home, since they don’t sting or bite like other insects. But these bugs can cause extensive disrepair and spoilage in a short amount of time.

Firstly, the life cycle of this pest is quite short, with most types of moths completing their life cycle in just about a month. This makes them similar to bed bugs, in that they can reproduce and spread in just a matter of days, leading to eggs, larvae, and caterpillars in your home.

Secondly, their presence causes damage to your furniture and clothing, as well as spoilage to your stored food. Not only do they cause unwanted holes in your items, but they also leave behind feces that lead to stains. If left unattended, a pantry can be filled with droppings, cocoons, and webbings in just a few days.

How Moth Control Works


If you're looking to solve your own problem, there are a few steps you can take to do this effectively as possible.

First, inspect all items in the pantry. Throw away any infected items. The remaining food products should be placed in "Tupperware" containers or Zip-Lock bags. Unless the food item is in a metal can, it should be sealed up.

Many of our customers place flour or other ground-up material in the freezer for one week. This will kill any remaining insects.

Once the food products are sealed, vacuum out the pantry and wash with a strong detergent.

Don't forget to check any dried flowers, potpourri or similar items.


When dealing with clothes moths, clothes should be washed or dry cleaned. If that option is not available, place the infected items in the dryer for 30 minutes on high.

Once the clothes have been removed out of the infected area, vacuum that area thoroughly.


If you suspect that there might still be eggs or larvae on the fabric, it might be best to just throw it out.

With PermaKill, our professional NJ pest control services involve assessing your situation and determining the best way to get rid of your infestation. This will depend on the severity of your infestation, as well as what exactly has been infested.

To remove and prevent future infestations, we employ scientifically designed treatment procedures based upon the biology of the moths.

Signs of Moth Infestation

Pantry Moth

  • Larvae or eggs in sealed or unsealed food containers
  • Webbings in the corners of kitchen pantries
  • Tiny holes in sealed bags of dry food
  • Small moths in or around the kitchen area

Clothes Moth

  • Bits of unknown fur around the house, specifically the furniture or closet
  • Crusty feces causing stains on clothing, drapes, blankets, and rugs
  • Irregular but persistent presence of holes in clothing
  • Casings and silky tunnels on any natural fabrics
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