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Far Hills earned its name from the beautiful vistas that still provide hours of scenic enjoyment. Though a small suburban community, the people here are very proud of their communities, neighborhoods, and streets. From Leonard J. Buck Garden to Hacklebarney State Park, there’s always something to do and enjoy.

Though the climate of Far Hills is best described as “temperate,” the hot summers and milder winters can quickly lead to various pest infestations in and around the town. Whether the pests be ants, bees, or rodents, our residents can find quick and easy relief from the problem by contacting PermaKill Exterminating.



Ant Control

Spring and summer are the prime seasons for ant infestations, and anywhere these small insects can find food is at risk. Such locations include outdoor picnic areas, patios, kitchens, and garages where homeowner keep trash.

While some ants merely form a chain to bring the food back to their colony, others will begin nesting when they find a constant source, creating a much more permanent problem.

Though there many different ant species in New Jersey, the most destructive is the Carpenter Ant. Like termites, carpenter ants can wreak havoc on both rotten and healthy wood. Instead of digesting the wood grains, however, the ants merely burrow through them to establish more extensive, complex nests.

If you see one ant in your home, chances are there are a lot more hiding just out of sight. Removing an infestation correctly requires identifying the nest and eradicating it – a job best left to a professional.

Bees, Hornets, Yellow Jackets and Wasps

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Flying insects like bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets aren’t just a nuisance, but their painful stings can be life-threatening for those with allergies. This danger makes dealing with bee infestations a priority for most homeowners. However, over-the-counter sprays and treatments don’t always work, making it a smart move to call a licensed exterminator first.

Aside from the potential danger of their stings, there are some categories of flying insects that can cause severe damage to your property. Chief among these is the Carpenter Bee. Like their ant relatives, these bees bore into wood fences and siding to lay their eggs and can do a significant amount of damage in a short time if left unchecked.

To protect family, your pets, and your guests this summer, be sure to deal with flying insect infestations as quickly as possible.

Mice and Rats

Rodent control

Rodents like mice and rats are usually “Public Enemy Number One” when it comes to household pests, as they can do a lot of damage to walls, floors, and insulation. On top of this, many rats carry dangerous diseases, which put everyone in the house at risk. Fortunately, a professional, experienced exterminator can easily outwit these cunning invaders.

The key to getting rid of mice, rats, and other rodents effectively is to make sure to eradicate the infestation entirely before the animals have a chance to populate.

With the average rat taking only one month to produce young, it’s not hard to see how a few inhabitants can quickly turn into a full-scale infestation without prompt attention.

Rodent infestations are most common in the fall, when the weather turns cold, but they can occur at any time, so be on the lookout.

Additional Services

At PermaKill, we staff professional exterminators with years of experience in identifying and eradicating pest infestations. Aside from dealing with ants, bees, and rodents, we also help our customers get rid of dozens of other unwanted guests, including:

To find out more about how we can help you take back your home, contact PermaKill Exterminating today.

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