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Flanders is a community we love here in Mount Olive Township. Morris County, in particular, is a place that takes a lot of pride in their towns and homes.

Flanders, Mount Olive Township

With beautiful locations such as Hacklebarney State Park, Lake Hopatcong, and Morristown National Historical Park to visit, there is plenty to love about Flanders, New Jersey.

The lush Garden State and communities such as Flanders offer us with hiking trails, trees, and a delightful blend of sunny days but also changing seasons. In our verdant state, pests can become an issue, though.

Whether you have rodents burrowing in your yard or under a deck or find yourself with an infestation of bees or wasps when the warm months arrive, these issues can be a headache.

Flanders is a community with an ample amount of families, and pests can become even more of a problem when you have kids and teens to take care of and all the daily activities that limit your time.


Ant Control

Ant Control

Anyone who has resided in New Jersey for several years can tell you that ants can become an irritating recurrence in homes. Some of the most common ants in the Garden State are the orange-brown colored citronella ants and acrobat ants (which were so named for the way they raise their abdomen above their thorax with a disturbance).

We also deal with odorous house ants, pavement ants—commonly seen eating food or making their homes around sidewalks and driveways—and carpenter ants.

For many residents, carpenter ants can be the most common and frustrating ant infestation. Contrary to their name, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood. Instead, they can often be found making their home in rotting wood or stumps of dead trees out in nature. This behavior leads them to take up residence in homes more often than several other species of ants.

The damage they can cause it through tunneling through soft, rotted, or damp lumber and foam insulation. While these ants don’t consume the wood, the effects can still be incredibly damaging if an infestation is left untreated.

Carpenter ants don’t usually harm humans (though they can technically bite). However, they can tunnel through beams in your housing structure and reproduce at rapid rates.

Bee Control

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Bees are not only a nuisance—they can be life-threatening for roughly 7 percent of the population. Even if you are not allergic, a bee sting—or several—is not something you want yourself or your family to endure.

Bees can also cause structural harm to your home. Perhaps surprisingly to many people, the weight of an active beehive can be much more than an empty, dried-out hive found on the ground. An active hive with bees, their wax, and honey can cause damage to structures such as eaves, chimneys, and your roof because of the weight alone.

As a hive expands, the pressure and waste bees push through it can also leave behind permanent stains on walls and gutters. Having a potential swarm of these insects merely is not something you want to be attached to your home.

Rodent Control

Rodent control

Rodents are another common and frustrating issues for residents of Flanders. Some of the most frequent infestations we see are Norway rats, house mice and deer mice, and voles.

Rats can be frustratingly challenging to get rid of, as they reproduce quickly and outsmart many store-bought rat control methods. These rodents can also pose several health threats such as leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonellosis, and even plague.

Mice can also carry several diseases and because of their size, can frequently find a way into your home even easier than rats. Mice can be destructive to wires, food supplies, and wood in your home.

Voles and other similar yard rodents such as moles and groundhogs can not only tear up your yard but destroy expensive plants. They can also do destruction to decks or their foundations and even gnaw on plastic pipes and underground wires.

Other Services

We take care of more than just ants, bees, and rodents. With our team of experts, you can feel confident that your infestation will be taken care of, and you won’t have to keep returning to a store to try new pest control methods that barely work. We offer control for the following:

Products available rarely take care of the full problem when you have a severe infestation. Leave it to our experienced team to eradicate your pest issue entirely so you and your family can rest easy and enjoy your home. Contact us at PermaKill today!

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