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Deer Control

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Our Prevention Plan

The goal of our deer prevention plan from PermaKill is to prevent deer from damaging your plants. The treatment consists of applying a product that leaves a bad taste and prevents deer from eating them. The cost is based upon frequency and number of plants treated. There is no contract and can be started or stopped at any time you want.

We offer two programs: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer plans

Fall/Winter Program

We recommend monthly service October thru March though some customers want or require more or less services depending on their area. This is not a warrantied service.

We offer three plans depending upon the level of deer intensity in a neighborhood.

  1. Moderate – We apply an all-natural product that is clear and leaves a spearmint scent. The scent lasts for maybe an hour. (Oct-Mar)
  2. Heavy – We apply the clear product in Oct, Dec, Jan. Feb. and Mar. In November we apply a Thiram based product that will leave a light green film on the plants.
  3. Intense – We apply the Thiram based product in Oct and Nov., again leaving a green film on the plants. Dec., Jan., Feb. and Mar., we apply the clear all natural product.

The professionals at PermaKill recommend option number 2.  There are many factors that may affect damage to plants.  If we have a bad winter the possibility for deer damage greatly increase.

Both products contain a latex sticker which allows the product to remain on the plants after rain or snow and will not harm the plants.

We can advise you on which service you need based upon past deer activity in your neighborhood, the type of plants you have, or the amount of damage present when we begin the service.

Due to many mitigating factors, we are unable to warranty that the deer will not cause any future damage. There is no contract required for this service and you can cancel at any time.

Spring/Summer Program

The Spring/Summer service is different than the Fall/Winter service primarily because we treat different plants – ie. flowers, annuals and some deciduous trees.

Based upon the types of plants to be treated, twice a month service is sometimes required. Otherwise the service is monthly.

Again no contract is required and no warranty offered. You may cancel at any time.

To learn more about the deer prevention plan and how we can help, please feel free to contact PermaKill Exterminating!

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