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Chester, New Jersey, is a small borough within Morris County that exemplifies small-town living at its best. With less than 2,000 people living within the borough limits, most people know their neighbors and take good care of each other.

Residents can experience many comforts of life, such as the old-time ice cream parlor, fun city parks for children, quiet residential streets and plenty of history and tradition.

Life on the East Coast has its ups and downs with powerful weather changes throughout the year. During the winter, sudden snowstorms often hit the East Coast, burying homes and businesses in the snow.

However, summer months can bring great heat and humidity, causing people to head to the nearby coastline for some cooler air. Chester certainly sees all four seasons.

These great changes in weather can make life hard for individuals who are trying to keep pests away from their homes or businesses. When pests start feeling the cold of autumn and winter coming on, they try to bury under outdoor patios and around foundations.

Smaller animals even try to find cracks around doors, windows and foundations where they can sneak inside homes and businesses. In the summer months, pests can proliferate quickly, often creating many eggs or babies in a short time.

Without help, these growing numbers of pests can quickly take over homes and businesses.


How Pest Issues Can Bother Homes and Businesses

Pests do more than just make people uncomfortable. Many pests, such as rodents, ticks and mosquitoes, carry diseases that cause acute distress and sometimes lead to chronic issues.

Stinging insects, such as bees and wasps, carry a poison that can create allergic reactions in some people. Burrowing rodents can ruin foundations and create holes in yards that become tripping hazards.

Pests are particularly troublesome for businesses that depend on clean environments to bring in customers. For example, a restaurant with pests may get bad reviews and even be shut down by the health department. Other businesses may see revenue decrease if word gets around town that there is a pest problem.

Therefore, pest control is important for sales, comfort, health and safety.

Ant Control

Ant Control

Ants of all kinds can be troublesome. Small ants may be constantly looking for food supplies, often trailing into kitchens and dining areas. However, their larger cousins, carpenter ants, can actually create even more issues.

As their name implies, carpenter ants love wood and can quickly gnaw through any interior or exterior wood at homes and businesses. They particularly like damp or rotting wood. These ants live in colonies. Where one is found, there are most likely hundreds more not far behind him. Therefore, it is vital to seek a pest control plan to get rid of these pests completely.

Before treating, we will thoroughly inspect the area to ensure that carpenter ants rather than termites are the true problem. If the problem does not appear to be widespread, we may be able to start with an exterior-only treatment.

However, if we find signs that carpenter ant nests are present in the home, we can provide safe in-home applications as well. This could include applications to basement, kitchens, bathrooms as well as pipe opening in attic and basements.

Rodent Control

Rodent control

The majority of rodents that we treat at PermaKill Exterminating include mice, rats and squirrels. However, the ones most likely to cause problems inside a house are mice. Mice can quickly multiply if left without treatment. Therefore, we recommend fast and complete treatments especially in the fall when they are most likely to try to find a warm place to live for the winter. We use traps or baits depending on how many mice we feel are causing problems.

Bee Control

Stinging insect control icon

While many types of bees are important to good pollination of plants, they are not welcome in homes or even in areas directly next to residential areas or businesses. For some, they can create dangerous allergic reactions.

There is also their potential to cause damage to property. Most hives are built up high and can cause problems for gutters, roofs, and overhangs. As the colony grows, it can put weight and strain on these structures, potentially leading to breakage or collapse.

Last of all, it’s important to remember that bee hives have the potential to fall and break, instantly depositing hundreds of angry bees on your property.

Pest Services Offered

PermaKill Exterminating actually offers a wide variety of pest control services for home and businesses depending on the location of the building and on the current problems that individuals or business owners are having. We offer the following services:

At PermaKill Exterminating, we understand just how irritating and even dangerous it can be for you to live alongside common pests in your home and yard as well as how bothersome it can be to work with them in your business.

With our safe and effective pest control solutions, you can finally get a handle on insects, rodents and other animals that are bothering you and can help you achieve clean, comfortable, pest-free areas.

Contact us today to learn more about our one-time services or long-term plans and to request your free service quote.

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