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The citizens who call Denville home are known for taking pride in their community. From their homes and neighborhoods to attractions like Tourne County Park and Lake Arrowhead, people here seem to care a little bit more. This dedication may be a reason why Denville remains one of the fastest-growing and most popular suburbs in all of New Jersey.

Part of taking pride in one’s community means protecting homes, shops, cabins, and other structures from pest infestation. After all, though we may love our woods, lakes, and streams here in New Jersey, sometimes they can form the ideal breeding ground for ants, bees, and rodents. Luckily, local pest control assistance is always within reach.


Ant Control

Ant Control

Ants are among the most common household invaders and can become a problem whether you live deep in the woods or right in the center of town. If you see one ant, chances are there a lot more already taking up residence in your home. Acting quickly and taking steps to prevent repeat infestations is the only way to ensure an ant-free home.

The most common types of Garden State ants include the odorous house ants, pavement ants, grease ants, and carpenter ants. While the first three are merely a nuisance and are usually only attracted to food and warm spaces in your home, the latter can be a big problem if left unchecked.

Carpenter ants, after all, burrow through both healthy and rotten wood, insulation, and other household materials. Over time, these pesky ants can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, destroying beams, devouring floorboards, and turning expensive hardwoods into sawdust.

Bee, Hornet, Yellow Jacket & Wasp Control

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Nobody likes being stung by a bee, wasp, or hornet, but for a significant portion of the population, bee stings are a life-threatening situation. This danger makes dealing with bee infestations a primary concern for homeowners who want to keep themselves, their friends, and their neighbors safe from potential stings.

Aside from the health concerns associated with bees, there is also their potential to cause damage to property. Most hives are built up high and can cause problems for gutters, roofs, and overhangs. As the colony grows, it can put weight and strain on these structures, potentially leading to breakage or collapse.

Last of all, it’s important to remember that bee hives have the potential to fall and break, instantly depositing hundreds of angry bees on your property.

Rodent Control

Rodent control

Easily one of the most unwanted of guests, rodents, like rats, mice, and squirrels, can cause significant problems when they start appearing in homes, gardens, and garages. Worst of all, rodents are both persistent and intelligent, quickly establishing nests when they find a food source and capable of multiplying in under a month.

Rats and mice may be small, but they can do a lot of damage in a short time. This damage could include anything from chewing wires to making holes in walls to invading the air ducts of the house and depositing droppings.

Additionally, rats and mice can carry diseases, which put you and your family at risk of getting sick.

Aside from the “big two,” there are other problematic rodents that can be quite common in New Jersey. These mostly include groundhogs, voles, and moles. Though they don’t carry with health risks of rats and mice, they do cause damage to lawns, gardens, and patios, making them a nuisance any homeowner could do without.

Additional Services

Our pest control team has years of experience eradicating infestations all over New Jersey. Using high-quality, professional-grade products, we get the job done right while ensuring that your property and your family are kept safe.

Aside from our ant, bee, and rodent control services, we also offer the following:

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