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Residents here in Bernardsville value their homes and community and take pride in the property and real estate of this beautiful borough of Somerset County. This town is full of parks, The Cross Estate Gardens, and the Audubon’s Sherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary—not to mention gorgeous homes!

That’s part of why dealing with a pest or rodent infestation can become so exasperating. In the Garden State, we have the ideal climate for many of the common pests. When you have a lovely piece of property that you invested a lot in for you or your family, it can become worrying to see rodents ripping up your lawn or potentially causing harm to the structure of your home.


Ant Control

Ant Control

Many types of ants are prevalent in Bernardsville, such as the citronella ants, acrobat ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, and the all-too-common carpenter ant. While species such as pavement ants can tunnel in and under cracks in driveways and patios, carpenter ants can be a problem in New Jersey homes.

Carpenter ants can technically bite, although they rarely harm humans. However, they can wreak havoc on your house if left to reproduce and thrive.

While carpenter ants do not eat wood, they tunnel through it, as well as through soft or damp areas such as rotting deck boards, any foundational boards that get soggy, and even your foam insulation.

If you spot a couple of carpenter ants in your home, it’s likely many more are hiding in walls or cracks where you cannot see them. If you see small shavings of wood, similar to sawdust, these pests are already underway in their tunneling through beams, walls, ceilings, or floorboards in your house.

Bee Control

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For roughly seven percent of the population, bee stings can be deadly. However, even for those who are not allergic, being stung by several bees at once can cause insect venom poisoning. In severe cases, this can require hospitalization.

Even if you never have a run-in with bees from a hive near your home, it’s crucial to be aware that hives can cause damage to property, as well. The sheer weight of an active beehive can harm eaves, gutters, and roofing.

If a beehive is left to grow, the expansion of the structure can also put a surprising amount of pressure on your home construction. Wax and other substances can seep through an also stain your home if the hive is constructed against walls, eaves, or gutters.

Rodent Control

Rodent control

In Bernardsville, some of the most common rodents that cause issues or brown (or Norway) rats, house mice, deer mice, voles, and groundhogs.

Norway rats can be exceptionally challenging to eradicate, as many are now resistant to store-bought rodenticides. Rats can also be smart creatures and will outwit many methods if setting traps or baits are not done thoroughly enough.

Both rats and mice can cause numerous health risks. Mice can also find a way into your home quite easily with their small size, and leave not only damaged wires but also germ-infested droppings.

Voles, moles, and groundhogs can tunnel through the luxurious lawns here in Bernardsville. This activity can kill expensive landscaping plants, cause trip hazards, uproot foundations of decks and patios, and even cause destruction to pipes and underground wiring.

Other Services

With decades of experience on our pest control team, we can eradicate your infestation more thoroughly and with professional-grade products not found at your local home improvement store. Not only do we offer ant, bee, and rodent control services, but we also provide pest control for all of the following:

Allow our expert pest control team to clear out any issues you’re dealing with. That way you and your family can enjoy your home the way it was meant to be cherished. Contact us at PermaKill today!

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