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Known for its Revolutionary War sites, Morristown draws a lot of visitors each year to its landmarks and city-named historical park. Unfortunately, it also draws many different pest insects and rodents because of its proximity to several wildlife parks, refuges, and preserves.

Whether you’re dealing with ants, rodents or other pests, PermaKill Exterminating is here with numerous pest control services to keep your home or business free and clear.

Not all pest infestations are alike. Some infestations, such as those seen with cockroaches, can get out of hand quickly and cause health concerns for everyone involved. Other infestations, such as rodents, not only cause health concerns but also property damage.

We offer services to deal with most any pest in Morristown, eliminating the threat and helping to prevent future infestations from occurring.


Ant Control

Ant Control

Ants don’t always stay outside where they belong. When they come indoors, they invade pantries and congregate near sinks to sip on water droplets. However, the ants that do stay outside can also cause problems for homeowners across our service area.

Carpenter ants prefer to stay outdoors, but they stay close enough to cause problems of their own. These ants tunnel through and build nests in wood, making your wood siding, decks and outdoor furniture a target.

Though carpenter ants don’t feed on the wood, they create damage and bring down the value of your home and belongings. Our technicians can identify the ant species and apply the appropriate treatments to eliminate them and to prevent future damage to your home.

Rodent Control

Rodent control

Rodents are abundant in and around Morristown, from the squirrels in your backyard to the gophers in Morristown National Historical Park. Mice and rats are also common in our area, invading homes and businesses and causing damage to walls, wires, furniture and other belongings. They’re destructive in nature and breed by the dozens, causing a problematic infestation in no time.

Rodents also spread diseases and contaminate our living and working areas with infected dander and feces. Our experienced technicians will inspect your home or business for signs of these pests and create a solution for eliminating and preventing future threats from mice, rats and other rodent species.

Bee Control

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Bees are pollinators and important to people and the environment. However, not all bees are helpful to people. Carpenter bees zoom outside your windows and doors, deck railings and fascia board, looking for areas in which to build their nests in the wood. Once they find a good spot, they start chewing a hole until it’s deep enough to build their nests.

Although carpenter bees don’t consume the wood, they leave behind unsightly holes and sawdust where they build their nests. Our technicians can treat your home for carpenter bees and other stinging insects that build nests on your property.

Other Pest Control Services

Ants, rodents and bees are common in Morristown, but they’re not the only pests that cause problems for residents and business owners. Roaches, fleas and other pests also create havoc in homes and businesses across our area. To combat these pests, we offer several pest control services to eliminate the threat:

Our one-time service is popular and useful for treating a quick problem, such as a mouse in the kitchen or a possum in the backyard. We also offer home protection plans to keep your home free of pests throughout the year. It’s a recurring program that consists of three routine visits during the year, offering you year-round protection from fleas, roaches, rodents and other pests.

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No matter where you live in Morristown, you’re likely to experience some type of pest infestation if you haven’t already. Whether it’s ticks in the backyard or rodents in the attic, it’s hard to escape pest insects and rodents wherever you go.

When the seasons change, even more pests come out and invade homes and businesses throughout the area. However, you don’t have to deal with pest infestations on your own.

Contact PermaKill Exterminating for a free quote on our pest control services. We handle pest infestations of all types, from summer mosquitoes to autumn roaches. We’ll conduct an inspection of your home and property and find the root cause of the problem. We’ll also set up a customized treatment plan not only to eliminate the pests but also to keep them out of your home for good.

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