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Can Black Ants Protect Your House From Termites?

Updated on: March 31, 2022

Termites are one of the most notorious pests in the house, going as far as inflicting structural damage--about $30 billion yearly in the U.S. Some homeowners rely on ants, specifically black ants, for defending their house against these nasty pests--these ants can eat a termite colony and ward them off. Carpenter ants and termites are indeed natural enemies, but will they be enough for keeping your home free from pest-related damages?

So can black ants protect your house from termites? The short answer is no--black ants can't give you reliable protection from termites. While they invade termite nests to kill and eat them, they won't wipe down the entire colony because they will lose their food source. Leaving black ants alone in your home wouldn't be a good idea as well because having them around also poses risks. 


Can Black Ants Keep Termites Away?

Termites aren’t only invasive--they can also destroy the foundation of your home, as they eat different types of wood, even sound wood. They can ruin exterior walls and foundation walls. 

These destructive pests are also difficult to repel because they multiply fast and nest in hard-to-reach areas. If left unchecked, you may face a nasty termite infestation. Because of this, homeowners rely on ants which can invade their nests and kill them naturally. However, carpenter ants wouldn't eliminate termite colonies, and they can also do extensive damage to your house.

1) Ants Eating Termites

The black ants in your house can either be the small black ants or the big black ants, also called the carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are commonly found on the West Coast. Both of these ant species also deem termite nests as their sources of food, so some homeowners believe they will be an effective solution for termite infestation.

Carpenter ants eat food rich in protein and carbohydrates--that's why you may sometimes notice ant trails near the pet food. They also eat insects, such as termites and cockroaches. Little black ants also eat insects, both dead and alive, and the feces of scales and aphids. 

Black ants invade termite mounds in search of food through vents where termites regulate the temperature. They can also enter through holes on the mounds when larger animals may have breached.

Aside from this, ants and termites are territorial, and both nest in deadwood. They also choose moist wood as an ideal habitat.

Black ants kill and eat termites, but they can't repel termites and protect your home. Ants only eat enough ants to support their colony. They won’t eliminate termite nests because they are also vital for their survival. They’ll lose their food source if they wipe down the colony.

2) How Termites React to Ants

Black ants may kill those eat-wooding pests, but termites are also formidable enemies--they aren't easy to kill, so homeowners can't rely on ants for eliminating them. Termite mounds are made of mud and saliva, which ants can't simply break through. Soldier termites also have sharp and strong mandibles to fight off ants and protect their nest. While they fight off the ants, most termites have already escaped.

So between ants and termites, we can't say that ants have won because termites easily escape and regroup their colony despite some casualties. What's certain is your home might be in jeopardy from both the termite and carpenter ant infestation.

3) Effect of Ants on Your Home

Like termites, black ants may also inflict structural damages on your home. The difference between ants from termites is their use of wood--termites eat wood, while ants nest on wood. Carpenter ant damage costs hundreds of millions in the U.S. as they dig wood and nest on it. 

Carpenter ants usually nest on trees, but they can enter your home in winter or when your home has more food sources. From satellite nests, they can nest in wall voids, crawl spaces, and other parts of your home with a soft wood foundation. Signs of black ant infestation may be seeing piles of wood shavings.

Ways to Repel Ants and Termites from Your Home

You can't trust ants for protecting your home against termites, because they can't eliminate termites, and they also cause almost the same damage to your home. Keep ants and termites away from your home by keeping your home clean, relying on pest control products and home remedies, and seeking help from a pest control professional.

1) Keep Your Home Clean

Ants infest your home because they must have sensed a better source of food and moisture. Keep your home clean by clearing every food debris to reduce their access to food. For termites, avoid having wood in contact with the ground and regulate the moisture in your house.

2) Use Insect Repellent Products

If you're looking for a reliable first line of defense, choose pest control products, such as insect baits and non-repellent sprays.

a) Insect Bait

Install insect baits in your home that will attract insects such as termites and ants. Insect baits lure pests to eat the poison and take it to their colony for other insects and the queen to eat. The solution soon kicks in, and they’ll be eliminated.

b) Non-Repellent Spray

You may also choose non-repellent sprays to eradicate ants and termites. You will spray the solution on usual ant trails or where termites usually are. Since these are non-repellent insect repellents, they won't sense the insecticide and just crawl on it like usual. The insecticide will stick on their bodies where they’ll bring it to their colonies just in time for the chemical to do its work.

3) Use Natural Insect Repellent

Some insect repellent solutions may only be found in your home. You may also use these first to keep pests away:

  • Diatomaceous Earth - kills insects by dehydration, made of fossilized diatoms. Sprinkle on areas with pests
  • Boric Acid - spray on the trails where pests crawl. This poisons their stomach and affects their exoskeletons.
  • Essential Oils - mix any type of essential oil with water and spray on surfaces. This will repel pests due to their strong scent that can cover up their pheromone trails

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Black ants can't protect your home from termites and may even cause damages and other risks. For addressing termite and other pest infestations, call reliable pest control companies immediately, such as Pinnacle Pest Control. We come up with comprehensive pest control plans because of our knowledge about pest behavior from our 20 years of being pest management professionals. Contact us and request a free inspection.


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