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The Effects of Fall Mulching

Updated on: October 12, 2019

Many homeowners and businesses spread mulch around the exterior of their homes or buildings in the fall. Mulching is a valuable tool to control weeds and create a neat appearance. Unfortunately, mulch can contain many pests.

Common Pests Found in Mulch

The most common pests found in mulch are ants, spiders, crickets, beetles and wood roaches. Mulch is usually chipped wood debris. This debris is ground up and stored in a pile, which is then usually stored in a wooded area. Carpenter ants, crickets, beetles and spiders love decaying organic matter, and mulch creates a wonderful area for these pests to nest. This organic matter, stored in the woods, when spread around around homes and businesses, introduce a variety of pests including carpenter ants, tiny ants, crickets and spiders to the outside of these buildings. Once this mulch is spread, many of these pests will enter homes and building and create a pest problem. If crickets are introduced to the exterior of buildings, it will attract mice. Mice love to feed on crickets.

Our Experiences

We had two homes last week, one in Randolph and one in Chester, that had mulch deliveries. The home in Randolph got carpenter ants and the home in Chester got crickets. Luckily, they called the day after delivery. We went out and performed an outside power spraying and stopped the crickets and ants on the exterior before they became a problem on the inside. These one time treatments were successful.

Our policy is to offer one time treatment customers the opportunity to convert to our Home Protection Plan. If within 30 days of the treatment we will apply the cost of the one time treatment to a Home Protection Plan. We are so confident in our work that we will make this offer. Most of our new Home Protection Plan customers are people that convert because they are satisfied with the initial job we did. We offer this plan to one-time customers who have had mice, crickets, ants, bees, rats, squirrels, spiders or a variety of pests. If you are interested in our Home Protection Plan please check out our page on the Home Protection Plan.

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