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Cave Crickets, Camel Back Crickets or Jumping Spiders

Updated on: October 8, 2019

Crickets (Camel Back Crickets, Cave Crickets, "Jumping Spiders") are a common pest problem in the fall. The crickets come in from the outside in the fall to avoid the coming winter. Crickets have two breeding cycles per year spring and fall. Many times the crickets observed in the fall have been living inside cinder block walls or behind walls in the basement. Crickets are a very prolific pest that if left untreated may multiply rapidly and become a very annoying pest. We at PermaKill Exterminating have over 40 years of experience battling these pests. We perform a scientifically designed treatment to eliminate crickets.

Crickets like to live in areas that have high humidity. Basements are the most common area to find these pests. In basements the most common areas to find crickets are where the water lines enter the home, sump pumps and areas where moisture is evident on basement walls. Bilco doors and low decks(that have poor air movement) are also common areas.

If any moisture problems are not addressed crickets will always be a problem. We at PermaKill understand that many basements will always have moisture problems and that crickets will be a constant battle. The best way to prevent cricket infestations is to fix moisture problems. One of the easiest ways to reduce potential cricket problems is to use a dehumidifier. This will lower the relative humidity in the basement, creating an environment that crickets will not want to inhabit.

Our staff at PermaKill Exterminating has been battling these pests for over 40 years. We are a locally owned family business (not a franchise) We can create a program to fix any cricket problem. We are not a big company that has to follow "the cricket treatment" for all homes. We also offer a Home Protection Plan that not only controls crickets but many other pests such as: mice, squirrels, ants, bees, spiders, ticks, mosquitoes and many other pests.

One interesting fact about crickets is that they attract other pests. With over 40 years of pest control experience we have observed that many customers who have a cricket infestation and do not control them experience mice infestations. If the mice are not addressed snakes can become a problem. Mice eat crickets and snakes eat mice. If you think about it, people who have crickets and do not address the cricket problem can create a pest environment that creates more pests. Especially mice.

We at PermaKIll Exterminating can solve any cricket problem and offer a Home Protection Plan that can keep your home safe from pests. Please check out the Home Protection page of our web site for details. We also offer a variety of other services. Please look at our services section of our website.

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