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Storing Bird & Grass Seeds in the Garage Can Attract Pests

Updated on: October 16, 2019

Many of us store bird food and old grass seed in the garage. Unfortunately, we all have busy lives and forget they are in the garage. Bird food and grass seed are two of the favorite foods of mice. What normally happens is we plant grass seed in the spring or fall and have some leftover. When we are done, we take the leftover seed, store it in the garage, and forget about it. As time goes by, more "stuff" accumulates and the next thing you know the grass seed in covered up by other things. Mice like quiet places away from people. When mice enter the garage they naturally look for places to hide. After searching the garage, the mice find the hidden grass seed. This is a perfect environment for mice because there is plenty of food and away from people. In this environment, the mouse population begins to multiply. After the mouse population grows in the garage they begin to move into the home. At this point, the mouse infestation has left the garage and entered the home.

This scenario can also repeat itself with birdseed. Most people who feed the birds are very consistent with the feeding because they want the birds to return and watch them. If they stop feeding the birds, the birdseed that is left creates an excellent food source for mice. Another source of food for mice is spillage. When feeding the birds many times some of the feed spills on the floor. If it is not cleaned up, it creates an excellent food source for mice.

More to Worry About Than Just Mice

The bird food and grass seed also supply an ideal environment for Pantry Pests. Indian Meal Moths are the most common pantry pests. There have been so many times when we go to a home and they have moths, the source is in the garage from bird food or grass seed. To eliminate these moths, the food source needs to be removed. Once the food source is removed clean up any spillage. After the clean up we can perform a treatment to eliminate the remaining moths.

How to Prevent These Pests

A couple of easy ways to prevent this from happening is to store all bird food and grass seed in sealed containers. Clean up spillage. Dispose of any unused grass seed or bird food. As soon as mice or moths appear, take proactive methods.

If proactive measures don't work call a professional. PermaKill Exterminating has been servicing pest control customers since 1987. We have the experience to solve your pest problem. We are a locally owned family operated company that can supply you with the customized service you deserve. We also offer a Home Protection Plan that will solve your pest problems with a scientifically designed plan.

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