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December 3, 2020
Are Brown Rats Dangerous?

Brown rats (or Norway rats) are the large rodents that commonly infest homes. When they enter the property, it only takes some time before they start causing destruction in the home’s foundation and spreading diseases to the residents. So what kinds of danger can brown rats bring to you and your family? These filthy rodents […]

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November 26, 2020
Do Dryer Sheets Repel Mice?

When it comes to getting rid of mice in a property, homeowners usually resort to natural repellents first before calling a professional exterminator. But most of the time these home remedies are not as effective as they claim. One popular home remedy found online is the use of dryer sheets. So can dryer sheets really […]

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November 23, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving to us means a special occasionwhen we can express our sincere thanks to thosefriendships we cherish. May you have a beautifulThanksgiving, a happy holiday season, and a healthy,prosperous New Year. Happy Thanksgiving From All Us AtPermakill Exterminating

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November 18, 2020
How Long Does It Take to Catch a Mouse in a Trap?

Mice are elusive and shy creatures that try their best to hide from people. However, their presence in a home causes an unimaginable amount of health and safety problems for you and your family. Aside from calling a professional exterminator to get rid of them, mouse traps are the next best thing that can help […]

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November 12, 2020
What is the Best Bait for a Mouse Trap?

Rodents like mice and rats are unwanted guests you wouldn’t want to hear scurrying in the house at night. They bring a lot of structural damage and several diseases to a home. One of the most effective ways to eliminate them is using traps with good bait. So what is the best bait to use […]

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November 9, 2020
6 Common Mistakes You Do With Rodent Poison

Rodent poison or rodenticides are a popular choice when dealing with pests such as rats and mice. Rodenticides are often mixed with flavorings such as molasses, peanut butter, and fish oil that lure rodents to ingest the poison. While most manufactured rodenticides are highly effective, they fail to resolve rodent infestations due to common human […]

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November 9, 2020
How Does Rodent Bait Station Work

Rats and mice are among the worst pests to infiltrate your property. They multiply quickly, spread diseases, and do a lot of damage to your home or building. Many exterminators and pest control specialists agree that one of the most effective ways to handle these rodents is to set up a rodent bait station.  So […]

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November 9, 2020
How To Get Rid of Rat Smell In Your Home

The musky, pungent smell of rats is one of the first things that alert homeowners to the fact that they may have a rat infestation. Aside from their natural body odor, rats tend to make a mess with their urine and droppings.  There is also the unmistakable stench of a dead rat, one of the […]

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November 9, 2020
4 Ways To Get Rid of House Mouse Nest

Mice, rats, and other rodents have lived alongside humans for centuries, following them to every continent except Antarctica. Human dwellings allow mice to have convenient access to food, water, and warm shelter. These rodents establish their nests inside human homes and settle there for generations.  So how can you get rid of mice nests inside […]

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October 23, 2020
What Will Keep Mice and Rats Away?

With the holidays just around the corner, rats and mice are scrambling to find refuge in the cold winter. That’s why rodent infestations increase around this time of the year – and if you’re unlucky, they might decide that your house is the perfect place to set up nests. So what will repel mice and […]

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