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Do Dryer Sheets Repel Mice?

Updated on: November 26, 2020

When it comes to getting rid of mice in a property, homeowners usually resort to natural repellents first before calling a professional exterminator. But most of the time these home remedies are not as effective as they claim. One popular home remedy found online is the use of dryer sheets.

So can dryer sheets really keep mice away? Although they can keep mice away for some time, dryer sheets should not be used as a long-term solution to prevent mice from entering a home. House mice are adaptable creatures; it will only take a few days for them to get used to the smell of dryer sheets.

Are Dryer Sheets Effective in Keeping Mice Away?

In 2018 there were around 7,802 cases of accidental rodenticide poisonings in the country. This high rate of fatality is alarming, which is why it’s understandable why some homeowners prefer to utilize home remedies to repel mice and other rodents away.

One of these home remedies that websites claim can effectively repel mice is dryer sheets. These laundry essentials emit an odor that house mice find unpleasant. RV owners and other campers typically utilize these dryer sheets to keep the mice away from their vehicles.

How to Use Dryer Sheets to Repel Mice

If you notice different signs of mice presence at home, dryer sheets can help keep them at bay for some time. This method is a more humane alternative to rodenticides and other mice poison. There are two ways you can utilize these laundry sheets to repel mice:

  1. Rubbing a Dryer Sheet in Different Surfaces
    • Find out what areas in the home are frequently visited by these pests. It can be the cabinets, windows, and doors.
    • Wipe down all these surfaces with a dryer sheet. Window and door frames should be paid extra attention to keep mice away.
    • Check these areas if the dryer sheet smell still lingers. Grab a new sheet and rub it down again if the scent is fading.
    • Wipe these surfaces at least once a week to repel mice.
  2. Placing Dryer Sheet in Infestation-Prone Areas
    • Create a list of places in the home where mice are likely to build a nest.
    • Place at least two dryer sheets in each of the areas in the list. Add more sheets if necessary.
    • Replace these sheets every week or when the scent has faded.

The Problem with Using Dryer Sheets to Keep Mice Away

Even if dryer sheets manage to keep mice away for some time, this shouldn’t be the primary mouse control method for your home. Dryer sheets eventually lose their scent, which is why these will need frequent replacements.

Another thing to consider is the mouse’s adaptability. These little creatures have managed to survive in harsh environments by quickly adapting to their surroundings. It will only take them a few days to get used to the scent of dryer sheets and continue their activities around the home.

Other Home Remedies to Repel Mice

Aside from dryer sheets, there are other home remedies to repel mice that many homeowners swear by. But instead of reducing the mice population in a home, these natural repellents will work better as preventive measures.

Here are four common home remedies that can keep mice away:

1. Peppermint Oil

This essential oil is a popular choice for natural mice repellent. Its strong menthol smell irritates the nose of mice, effectively driving them away. Just put a few drops of peppermint oil on a piece of cotton ball and leave it in areas where mice pass through. The oil can also be used as a spray to repel mice if diluted with the right amount of water.

2. Mothballs

Mothballs contain naphthalene that can deter mice. They won’t be effective in small amounts, but a large quantity will drive mice away. Another downside to using mothballs as a natural mice repellent is their smell. Although they are mostly tolerable, the scent of mothballs is diffused all over the place and lingers even after a few days.

3. Steel Wool

Instead of driving mice away using smell, steel wool is effective in keeping mice out because these pests have a hard time chewing through the material. After finding the holes and gaps in the wall where mice might enter, plug them using steel wool and caulk.

4. Pets

Keeping a cat around is also believed to help repel mice. These felines emit a particular odor that will scare mice away. Aside from their scent, cats are also excellent rodent hunters thanks to their strong sense of smell and sight. In addition to cats, some dog breeds are also excellent ratters. Dogs like terriers were bred to hunt small burrowing animals like mice, rats, and squirrels.

But like dryer sheets, these home remedies may only be effective for a short time. Once the mice have adapted to these repellents, it will be difficult to control their population and stop them from causing more damages.

3 Foolproof Ways to Get Rid of Mice

The best way to solve a mice infestation in any property is by calling a professional exterminator because they have the right tools, knowledge, and experience when it comes to getting rid of these pests. But there are also a few things you can do to keep them out while waiting for pest control services.

Here are three foolproof ways to get rid of mice in the home:

1. Sealing Gaps and Possible Entry Points

Mice can slip into holes as small as a dime, which is why it’s important to perform a regular home inspection to check the building for gaps. Once all the holes around the home have been found, seal them with things like steel wool and caulk to prevent the mouse from chewing through the material.

2. Keeping a Tidy Home

A cluttered house with open dumpsters is a paradise for rats. Aside from providing them with a stable food source, you’re also giving them nesting materials to build a cozy home inside your house. Make it a habit to clean the home regularly and keep the garbage cans sealed.

3. Baiting and Trapping

Traps and baits are also utilized by professional exterminators to eliminate the mice population. There are many kinds of traps available on the market, so make sure to do your research first to find out which kind will be the most efficient in catching mice in the house.

Permanent Solution to Mice Infestation by PermaKill Exterminating

Here at PermaKill Exterminating, we want our clients to live with a steady peace of mind in their homes without worrying about the threat of a mice infestation returning to their property. Our extermination services are tailored to your needs to ensure that all mice are removed safely and effectively.

Learn more about our IPM-based pest control services by calling us now at (973) 584 – 6414. 

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