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6 Eco-Friendly Pest Control Options

Updated on: February 28, 2021

One of the popular ways to eliminate pests is to use pesticides or poison. However, these products contain chemicals that can be dangerous to the environment. Improper usage of toxic products can also lead to unwanted accidents. Because of this, it’s better to look for more eco-friendly pest control instead. 

So what are the different options for eco-friendly control? If you’re looking for more eco-friendly pest control, here are some options you can choose from:

  1. Insectary plants
  2. Cleaning the garden
  3. Removing pest resources
  4. Using household items
  5. Diatomaceous Earth
  6. Recruiting pets

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Options 

You may want to consider using eco-friendly pest control rather than pesticides for a few reasons: 

  • Pest control that uses toxic chemicals or poison can pose health risks. 
  • It’s better to use eco-friendly pest control because it doesn’t have toxic chemicals that damage the landscape or put pets in danger. 
  • Pests are still part of the ecosystem; while you may want to kill the pests right away, it’s better to naturally deter them and let them find another place to stay. 

Instead of spraying pesticides or placing poison around your property, here are some options to naturally eliminate pests:

1. Insectary Plants

Pests are a huge problem for people with gardens or farms since they can damage the crops or eat your harvest. A great way to deter the animals is to plant insectary plants. Insectary plants help increase the population of the pests’ natural enemies which helps control the pest population while attracting insects that are beneficial for your plants.  

Before choosing what kind of insectary plants to grow, you may first want to consider and identify what kind of pests you’re targeting, the beneficial insects you want to attract, and the conditions in which the insectary plants will grow. Some examples of insectary plants are coriander, cumin, celery, parsley, yarrow, and marigold. 

2. Cleaning the Garden

Any plant debris like dead leaves in the garden offers pests with great hiding places and shelter. Set a regular schedule of clearing your garden from any dead leaves or debris that serves as a shelter or hiding place for pests. It’s also best to turn the soil between plantings to expose the pests to the elements. 

Tall shrubs and long tree limbs also provide a way for pests to enter your home. To prevent this from happening, regularly trim anything that. Another factor that attracts pests is fruit or vegetables that are left out. Some pests like ants, cockroaches, and rats eat almost any kind of food and can feed on these plants. Because of this, you should harvest any fruit or vegetables as soon as possible. 

3. Removing Pest Resources

Pests are attracted to anything that provides them with the things they need to live, which is usually food and water. If you make these resources accessible to them, then there’s a higher chance that they will find shelter in your place and continue to breed. This makes it important to remove any food, water, or anything that makes your place a great habitat. 

To naturally repel pests and prevent them from going through your food, transfer the food in airtight containers or glass jars. You should also check for any bowls or glasses of water that and empty them. Additionally, any stagnant bodies of water need to be cleaned or emptied regularly. Aside from food and water, clutter, waste, and garbage also invite pests to your property so regularly inspection and cleaning of any unkempt areas is important to prevent attracting pests. 

 4. Using Household Items

Another cheap and easy eco-friendly method to control pests is to use household items. This doesn’t require

  • Kitchen ingredients: Your kitchen provides you with a variety of options to naturally prevent pest infestations. Depending on what kind of pests you’re trying to keep away, Here’s a table of different kitchen ingredients you can use and how to use them:
Kitchen IngredientWhy It WorksHow To Use ItPests It Deters
SeasoningSeasonings like cayenne pepper, turmeric, and cinnamon all have a strong scent that pests don’t like. Sprinkle some of the seasonings in areas where you see the pestsInsects, bugs, and rodents
VinegarVinegar gives off a strong scent that deters ants. Other insects are attracted to its smell, but you can mix vinegar with dish soap to trap the pests. Mix 1 part vinegar, 3 parts water, and few drops of mild dish soap and spray the solution on vines and vegetablesAnts, spiders, caterpillars, and stink bugs
SaltSalt dehydrates some pests which instantly kills them, while some pests simply avoid salt.Place some salt on the pest or sprinkle some salt in their locationSnails, slugs, roaches, fleas, and frogs
Citrus PeelsCitrus peels contain limonene and linalool which pests are known to avoid.Slice the citrus peels and leave them in areas where the pests are locatedFleas, mosquitos, fire ants, and flies
Ground CoffeeGround coffee also has a strong scent which pests find irritating. Place the ground coffee in window sills or in places where the pests areMosquitos, fruit flies, wasps, bees, and beetles
  • Essential Oils: Essential oils like peppermint oil, tea tree oil, citronella oil, and lemongrass oil are also an excellent way to deter pests while providing your home with without the toxic chemicals found in pesticides. To use these products, put a few drops of essential oil on a rag and leave the rag around the property. You can also dilute a few drops of the oil in water and transfer the solution inside a spray bottle for a homemade rodent or bug repellent. 

5. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a powdery substance classified as a pesticide under the Pest Control Act, but it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly. It’s used to deter pests such as bed bugs, silverfish, roaches, flies, black and red ants, and more. To use diatomaceous earth for pest control, simply sprinkle it in areas where the pests are located.  

6. Recruiting Pets

Recruiting pets are also an excellent method in keeping pests away since these it’s already in these animals’ nature to hunt down or kill pests. The following animals are some of the pets you can keep in your home to control pest populations:

  • Cats: These mammals are great for rodent control since they’re quick and agile. Their presence scares away rats and mice, and they have sharp teeth and claws that help them catch their prey. It can also help keep away other pests like roaches and birds.
  • Dogs: Certain breeds of dogs, like the Jack Russel Terrier, are bred to hunt down rodents. There are also bed bug-sniffing dogs that some pest control companies use to determine a bed bug infestation.
  • Birds: Though some birds can be considered pests, some birds are known to keep insects and worms a part of their diet. Additionally, owls are also great for rodent control since these birds can hunt up to a dozen mice a night.
  • Snakes: Snakes like corn snakes and ball pythons are known to feed on pests like rodents, birds, and insects. They also require low maintenance, making it a great pet to have if you want to eliminate pests. 

Pest Control at PermaKill Exterminating

Because of its advantages, eco-friendly pest control becomes a better way of eliminating pests. Here at PermaKill Exterminating, we provide pest control services that don’t harm you, your pets, or the environment. Our team uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to use smart and scientifically designed solutions to control pest populations. 

We have a team of experts who are highly skilled in eliminating pests, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have about our services. To know more about PermaKill Exterminating and the services we provide, you may call us today. 

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