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How to Protect Yourself From Murder Hornets

Updated on: April 28, 2022

People have been making extraordinary efforts to avoid hornet attacks since the killer or murder hornets were first detected in the United States. The murder hornets attack beehives, kill honeybees, capture the larvae, and have killed up to 50 people every year in Japan, giving them the nickname of the Asian hornet. The European or Asian honey bee has no method of fending off the onslaught and no idea how to defend themselves or their hives against this menace, much less a human being.

How can you protect yourself from murder hornets? Keep a safe distance from their nests. Vespa mocsaryana and Vespa mandarina (the Asian giant hornet) don’t sting until provoked, but anyone touching hornet’s nests exposes themselves to a potential attack from any type of wasp or hornet, most especially murder hornets. Once aroused, these hornets are quite aggressive, so be extra cautious to avoid a hornet attack.


How to Avoid Murder Hornet Attacks

Stay Put

Keep in mind that if you accidentally upset a hornet or its nest, they can fly faster than you can run. Instead, crouch low to the ground, come to a complete halt, and shield your head as much as possible. Hornets are drawn to moving sights and may consider your running a provocation.

Avoid Fragrance or Odorous Food and Drinks

Leave the aftershave at home because perfume and cologne attract wasps and hornets. Make sure not to drink alcoholic beverages when you know you will or potentially encounter hornets of any kind as the scent of alcohol can irritate them. 

Don’t Disturb the Nest

A hornet's nest should never be intentionally disturbed. While this may seem obvious, many people inadvertently trigger an attack by being excessively interested. If you suspect you've found a hornet's nest, get expert assistance. 

If you happen to be stung by a single hornet, don't freak out. iIf the hornet is alone, it should fly away after a few seconds. Proceed to get medical assistance and have your sting checked.

Be Cautious of Your Surroundings

Be careful when opting to eat outside. A picnic or simply eating lunch outside on a nice day is something that everyone enjoys. However, if you reside in a region where hornet sightings have been recorded, be aware of the possibility of a hornet attack. 

Bees attract hornets, therefore where there are bees, hornets are likely to follow. Hornets adore honey bees because they’re a terrific source of protein, which is something that giant Asian hornets actively seek for during the summer months.

Wear Ideal Clothing

Brown or black is a good choice because bright colors enthrall giant hornets. It's best not to stroll into the woods barefoot either, and this is especially true if there are clover and pollen plants as these attract bees, which then attract murder hornets. 

What You Should Know About Murder Hornets

Murder hornets are huge

Asian giant hornets are the world's biggest hornet species. They may grow to be 1.5 to 2 inches long, which is roughly the length of two quarters laid side by side. The European hornet, which is a far more common species of hornet, is roughly only half the size, while yellow jacket wasps are around 0.5 to 0.75 inches long, making the murder hornet one of the largest hornet species.

They are capable of killing people

It can be lethal if humans are allergic to the venom of Asian giant hornets or if they are stung by multiple hornets. According to the New York Times, about 50 people are murdered each year in Japan by enormous hornets. 

Hornets are territorial and may attack if something approaches their nest, although they’re not as violent when they are away from the safety of their nests and fellow hornets. 

They can exterminate an entire colony of bees

The term "murder hornets" refers to these insects because of their inclination to destroy entire hives of bees. Killing and consuming other insects and regurgitating them back for their young is how Asian giant hornets nourish themselves and their offspring. 

When Asian giant hornets come to a honey bee nest, they may tear apart tens of thousands of them in a matter of hours with just a few dozen of them, entirely eliminating a colony or hive. For beekeepers and honey producers, this may be disastrous. 

To make matters worse, the population of European honeybees in the United States has been dropping for years due to habitat loss, illness, and pesticides.

Murder hornets leave a scent on their targets and victims

When scouts go out in search of food, they leave a specific fragrance on honeybee colonies so that their fellow hornets may identify it and strike in a coordinated attack. According to the entomology journal Psyche, they are the only known species of hornets that attach a scent to food targets.

Hornet stings from their stinger are extremely painful

The stingers of Asian giant hornets are long enough to pierce regular beekeeper costumes, and being stung by one will cause intense pain. The poison in their stingers is seven times that of a honey bee. Not only that, but they have no difficulty stinging victims many times. They can kill people when they attack in numbers, although they're largely in search of honeybees as a food source and prey.

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