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Is it Worth Getting an Exterminator for Mice?

Updated on: October 23, 2020

Finding a mouse or two at home is stressful because of the damage and diseases they bring. Most homeowners take matters into their own hands by buying over-the-counter rodenticides. But sometimes this might not be enough to put a dent in the mouse population in the home.

So is it actually necessary to call an exterminator for your mice problem? It would be better to call a pest control service to get rid of the rat problem at home. Since they are equipped with the right skills and tools to solve the rat infestation, they can help you save money in the long run, avoid health hazards and damages, and focus more on prevention.

Are Mice Extermination Services Worth Your Money?

What makes our homes comfortable is also what makes them attractive to pests. But no one wants to share their house with mice and rats that bring diseases and damages. That’s why people do everything that they can to eliminate these pesky intruders; sometimes even enlisting the help of pest control companies if the infestation is too much for them to handle.

According to a study in 2015, 68% of the pest control management revenue came from residential services. This means that more people trust professionals to solve their pest problems without causing further harm to the residents or the environment. Mice exterminators are skilled and equipped with the right tools to help eradicate the pests and keep them from coming back. 

How Do Exterminators Get Rid of Mice?

Mice exterminators study the behaviors and habits of mice. They use this knowledge to effectively get rid of mice using different traps, baits, and rodenticides. When hiring a mice exterminator for the home, you can expect them to do the following:

Inspecting the House

This is a crucial step for pest control because it helps them gauge the root cause and severity of the mice problem. During the house inspection, exterminators also find the possible entry points of mice and rats as well as the scale of damages caused by these pests.

Identifying the Mice’s Route

Since mice follow a familiar route when they look for food, the pest control team needs to identify these pathways for the effective elimination of mice. These routes are usually full of mouse droppings along its length. By following the mouse path, exterminators will decide the best place to set baits and traps.

Setting Traps

After studying the routes and behavior of mice at the infested home, exterminators will choose the best types of traps to set in strategic areas – away from children and pets. Depending on the infestation, they can use different mouse traps such as glue traps, live traps, and snap traps.

Some of the areas where these devices are placed include bathrooms, basements, and attics. They can also be set up along walls or quiet corners. Professionals can lure pests out of their nest using food they consume like grains, seeds, and even peanut butter.

Setting Bait Stations

Sometimes, traps are not enough to eliminate the rat infestation. That’s why some pest control companies also utilize bait stations. These stations contain poisoned food like peanut butter to lure mice out of hiding.

Although this method might seem to attract more pests, its effect on reducing the mouse infestation is impressive. Some companies even skip the traps and use this method alone in exterminating mice in the house.

Mouse-Proofing the House

After getting rid of the mice infestation, pest control services also mouse-proof the home. This method includes sealing all possible entrances and creating an environment that repels mice instead of attracting them. It will make sure that there are fewer chances of re-infestation at home.

Benefits of Calling Mice Extermination Professionals

Most homeowners believe that infestations can be solved using over-the-counter rodenticides. They think they can deal with the issues themselves, but they are wrong most of the time. Here are four reasons why hiring a professional exterminator is more effective than trying to get rid of the pests by yourself:

  • Less Exposure to Health Hazards – It’s a common misconception that over-the-counter pesticides are weaker than those used by professionals. However, more companies utilize eco-friendly mice to control products that are safe for the residents and the environment. Most of the time, it is the cheap pesticides that are made with harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to humans and pets.
  • Avoid Significant Damages – Mice can chew through almost anything. They can ruin appliances, wirings, clothing, and even expensive pieces of furniture. By hiring a mouse exterminator, customers can guarantee that these pests are eliminated even before they start damaging the home.
  • Save Money in the Long Run – The problem with trying to use a rodenticide by yourself is that it’s only a band-aid solution – even if eliminating the mice at first was successful, the infestation can reoccur. On the other hand, hiring a pest management provider won’t cost a fortune. Customers only need pay for the service – the company is already equipped with the right tools and rodenticides to eliminate the pests and prevent them from returning.
  • Focus More on Prevention – Aside from a guaranteed eradication of pests, exterminators will also provide tips to prevent the infestation from manifesting again. Without having to worry about the mice lurking in the kitchen at night, you can put all the money and effort into mouse-proofing the home and preventing their return to the home.

Mouse Problems? Contact Permakill Exterminating

If you find a single mouse lurking in the kitchen, there’s a good chance that a rodent nest is already built somewhere inside the home. Call Permakill Exterminating immediately to get rid of these pests before they cause further destruction.

With Permakill Exterminating’s smart and safe solutions, you can guarantee that no mouse will return to the home. We have all the tools and techniques needed to put an end to the mouse problem, so don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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