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Updated on: September 30, 2019

During the late fall yellow jackets, hornets bees and wasps are about to die off for the year. When encountering these "bees" this time of year they can be very aggressive. The nests are large and (especially yellow jackets) they know there time is limited. They are actively trying to prepare their nests for the next year. Yellow jackets and hornets will not re-used their nest the following year. But they are preparing the queens and males for the winter so they can emerge next spring and start the process all over again. Wasps will over winter in attics and occasionally may emerge during warm sunny days.

We at PermaKill Exterminating have scientifically designed programs to help with these "bees". We can treat nests and attics to control them. We strongly advise customers not to use the "homeowner sprays". These products usually do not eliminate the nests. They will knock the numbers down and really make the remaining members very angry. This will also make it harder for us to eliminate them. The bees (especially yellow jackets) will find new ways to renter an exit the nests. Many times when the bees attempt to get out of the nest they will enter the living spaces of home and create a large amount of bees in the home or office.

We at PermaKill Exterminating have the knowledge and experience to handle these problems. We also offer a "Whole House Bee Treatment". This treatment will cover your for the remainder of the year. If bees, yellow jackets, hornets or wasps reappear in or on your home during this period we will retreat at no additional charge. We also offer a Home Protection Plan will cover all types of bees, ants, crickets, spiders and mice. Please look at our Home Protection page for details.

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