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Stinkbugs - They're Back!

Updated on: October 21, 2019

It has been a few years since the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug has made its presence known in larger numbers in Northern New Jersey. Stink bugs have been around the last couple of years but not like this year. About ten years ago this strange-looking pest made its appearance in homes and building in our area. Stink bugs attack crops and have caused millions of dollars in crop damage. The stink bug gets its name because it emits a pungent odor that some people say it smells like coriander. The odor can be emitted by merely holding or capturing a stink bug. The stink bug population has been declining in the last few years because of the control techniques used by farmers. They use pheromone traps and insecticides. These control measures have dramatically reduced the stink bug population. For some reason this year the stink bug population is on the rise. We are not sure if it has to do with the weather or preemptive measures were not taken this year. It could also just be a fluke.

When stink bugs enter homes and buildings they can be an annoying pest problem. The presence of stink bugs can last a few weeks or all winter. Stink bugs enter homes and buildings in the fall to escape the winter. If a large number of stink bugs overwinter in a home or building they can emerge all winter long. They usually overwinter on the sunny side of the home. Unfortunately, during the winter bright sunny days cause the stink bugs to emerge. Once they emerge they will usually go to a light source. The stink bugs interpret the light as a way to get to the outside. That's why it is common to see stink bugs by windows and light fixtures. I just spoke to a customer in Califon last week and she said that the stink bugs will dive bomb the lamp next to her when she is watching television.

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Stink bug control in homes and buildings can be difficult. The best treatment for stink bugs is to treat the exterior of the home or building around Labor Day. The treatment applies a residual to the siding. When a stink bugs lands on the home or building looking for an overwintering site the applied residual will knock the number of stink bugs down so fewer will enter and overwinter. Once stink bugs have entered there are a few treatments that will help. Treating attics and chimneys will reduce the number of stink bugs. Liquid residuals in certain circumstances will also knock the stink bug population down.

The purpose of a stink bug treatment is to reduce the number of stink bugs. We offer various treatment options to control this strange pest. If someone tells you they can guarantee to get rid of stink bugs do not trust them. It is impossible. The good news for homeowners is stink bugs will exit the home or building in the spring. The bad news for farmers is when they leave a structure they are going to attack their crops.

We at PermaKill Exterminating offer plans to reduce the stink bug population. These treatments are scientifically designed for safety and effectiveness. We hope you don't have a stink bug problem but if you do please contact us at or call us. We answer all calls and emails.


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