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The Most Common Places Honey Bees Build Their Nests

Updated on: February 4, 2019

If you have been noticing a lot of honey bees on your property, you may have a honey bee nest. These nests are often hidden, and can be a bit difficult to find. Wondering where bees are most likely to nest? Here are 5 common places:

Behind Siding and Brick

Honey Bees only need a 1/8 of an inch gap to crawl behind siding and brick to build a new home. Because brick and siding often have ventilation gaps, it is not uncommon for bees to nest behind them. These nests can be difficult to find and can grow quite large if not found and dealt with early.

In Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks have gaps that make the ideal safe place for a honey bee’s nest. Similar to brick and siding, these nests can be hard to spot. A pest control professional is trained to find these nests and to remove them properly.

In Eaves and Soffits

Because eaves and soffits are often isolated, they often make a great nesting place for bees. Eaves and soffits tend to be placed near the roofline of a home, and they can often lead bees to nest in your roof if the problem is not addressed quickly. Roof repairs are very costly, so it is important to remove bees from eaves and soffits quickly to prevent further infestation.

In Trees

Bees will often nest in hollow trees, and this is one of the most difficult areas to remove them from. It can be difficult to find all entrances to the hive and to administer the proper amounts of pesticide. Luckily, pest control professionals are resourceful and will use all of their resources to remove your infestation for you.

Under Sheds and Outbuildings

Because sheds and outbuildings don’t receive as much traffic from homeowners, they can become great places for bees to nest. This is especially true under floorboards and in places where they may go unnoticed. Once these infestations are discovered, your pest control provider can remove the hive to restore safety to your shed or outbuilding again.

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